Our mission:

  • Interdisciplinary approach to surface processing by ion methods (IBAD, IBSD, ion mixing, ion implantation)
  • Application of modern ion methods for
    • High-Tech industry(complex coatings for special purposes such as high speed cutting tools, anticorrosion coatings)
    • medical purposes (creation of biocompatible complex coating layers (DLC, NCD, HAP, SiC etc) with excellent adhesion and low internal stresses.
  • Multiscale computer modeling of surface processing.
  • Construction and production of CNC IBAD and CVD machines.
  • Investigation and modeling of carbon based nano- and microstructures (fullerenes, nanotubes) and its new applications.
  • Development of new experimental equipment (e.g. OPTICON - microscope)
Last update 10.06.2004